Published by Abrams in 2009

Glamorous Rooms

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Glamorous Rooms showcases the elegant eclecticism of renowned designer Jan Showers’s interiors, including many projects unpublished until now. Her work, whether revealed through the rooms in a high-rise, townhouse, or horse farm, never ceases to strike a perfect balance between totally captivating and perfectly inviting. As fashion designer Michael Kors, who wrote the foreword for this book, explains it, the key is in the mix. “Design like Jan’s fuses great taste and an expert eye with the reality of life as it is actually lived. That’s why people are always so astonished at her glamorous touch —because it’s built into designs that are functional and comfortable and fun.”

And indeed, Showers’s modern and timeless interiors, never overdone, have earned her devoted clients among some of the world’s top designers, celebrities, and entrepreneurs from Palm Beach to Del Mar. Her attention to detail seamlessly blends Hollywood high style, midcentury modernism, and classic eighteenth-century French styles with the local flavors of St. Barth’s, Paris, and Rome. Illustrated with dazzling photography, Showers’s accessible and useful design tenets will inspire readers to create their own luxurious yet relaxed homes. A must-have addition to any design enthusiast’s library, Glamorous Rooms is sure to be an instant classic.

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